Phase III



The goal of Phase III is to support teachers as they use the curriculum to inspire great instruction and increase student learning. At the leadership level, the focus is on listening to teachers and observing practice with a goal of continuously improving teacher support. Phase III does not end after the first year – this is a continuous improvement journey that never ends.

Successful early implementers:

  • Had a plan for implementation (see Phase II)
  • Followed the plan and did the work
  • Listened carefully, with openness to adjusting the plan
  • Watched the work in action at every level to understand what was working and what was not
  • Gathered together to step back and adjust the plan
  • Shared the adjustments transparently in the spirit of continuous improvement

key action


Train, plan, and coach teachers

The goal of this key action is to enact the plan you developed in Phase II, observe what works and what does not, and listen to feedback.

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key action


Step back and adjust the plan

The goal of this key action is to examine progress to goals, identify key successes, and learn from and solve for significant challenges. After analyzing the data and considering key drivers, the team will adjust the plan for the next chapter of work.

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key action


Annually reset

The goal of this key action is to look back on the year, celebrate successes, name areas of growth, and define the next level of work for the following school year.

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This workbook is designed to help a school or system leadership team work through the implementation process together. Assemble your team, print or download the workbook, find your starting point, and dig in together.